Nail Fungus TreatmentSkin Rejuvenation

             laser skin Rejuvenation by Laser in Miami

Laser can remove or exfoliate sun-damaged skin, reduce wrinkles, improve acne or chickenpox scars, and diminish age spots and skin discoloration. Skin Rejuvenation is a treatment using multiples procedures to treat the aging signs on face that starting with changing on  the tone and texture of the facial skin.                           

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Laser Hair Removal

laser hair Removal Underarm by Laser in Miami

Laser hair removal process is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. The procedure is quick, safe, affordable and it is the most used as a permanent hair reduction method . Usually it takes up to 8 sessions to eliminate the hair growth for years to come but you will see an immediate result after the first session.

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Nail Fungus Therapy

Laser Nail Fungus Therapy by Laser in Miami

Laser in Miami is offering affordable price and become healthy your toenails or fingernails with laser technology performing a laser nail fungus protocol with a good results. Laser battle the infection in your nail with light energy (Laser) at a medical level evaporate the spores that is causing the damage in the nail.

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Laser Acne Treatment

The are diferent option to treat acne, but the use of laser is recommended to treat the acne scar and acne lession becuse may reduce the amount of bacteria that cause the inflamation on the skin.  Laser Therapy may kills the bacteria that produces the inflamatory reaction and skin lessions. Moreover laser may have anti-inflammatories properties and may reduces the signs of acne.                                             
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